Tips To Plan A Malay Wedding

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Wedding bell is always special in the life of every man and woman. Small or large, this is a dreamy affair for all. This life changing day remains in plans for a long time. And when finally it happens, it is always special. But making the plans in dream and turning it into reality is completely different.

The beauty and perfection of the big day depends on the accuracy and expertise of planning. No, there is nothing to be afraid of. Anyone can turn the big day into a beautiful one just by planning and doing all the things step by step and with time. Also, you can ease the task of decorating your wedding stage by hiring a chinese wedding stage decoration service. Here are a few tips to help you to plan the marriage ceremony.

Wedding budget:

Turning your grand planning into a reality depends on the availability of the money. Whatever you want to do is going to cost you. So, it is very important to know how much money you have to spend. You cannot do something that crosses your budget. So calculate the amount first. But what if the money gets stuck? You may have been saving for the big day and will need to have the amount available. Make sure that you will get the money at the right time or it will be of no use.

Date, reservation and guest list:

Making the date final is always a tough job. Consult your would-be better half; get both the families at a meeting. And then decide the date according to the convenience of all. In case of marriage date, various things matter. So, it is always necessary to decide the dates in the presence of family member who are well aware of the conventions related to wedding date. Once you final the date, the next big step is to reserve a place for wedding. Try to choose a place with good transportation facility around so that your guest may not face any problem. Make your guest list final and be prepared for invite them.


Food is an important part of your wedding. Find out the right malay wedding catering service to arrange for amazing foods in your wedding at budget.


As wedding is a big ceremony of your life, choose your friends wisely to be around you throughout the ceremony. People who know you well will be able to help you whenever you need. They can even assist you to choose many things related to your wedding. Sit with the people you want to play bridesmaid or groomsmen and plan accordingly.


Everyone wants to look his or her best on the big day. Choose the color that suits you. Some dresses may look nice in the showcase but not comfortable to wear. Make sure that the dress you choose is comfortable enough. Book your beautician beforehand and go for treatments if you need any.

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