How To Enjoy A Stay In Dubai

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Dubai is the pinnacle of luxury lifestyle and a masterpiece of modern day architecture and engineering. This city of skyscrapers is situated in United Arab Emirates and is the attraction of countless travelers from all around the world. Golden dessert dunes, luxury shopping experiences, artificial islands and vibrant night atmosphere, are some of the many splendid things this city holds for you. If you’re planning on visiting Dubai any time soon, and if you intend to stay there for a while, you’ll find the following tips helpful when deciding on where to visit in Dubai.

Desert safari

Buckle up your seatbelts in a powerful 4×4, and cruise through a sand filled terrain of adventure or mount a camel like an ancient Sultan, and enjoy the unique experiences the desert holds, just for you. If you opt for the 4×4 ride, you’re in for a proper, intense ride, full of bumps and stunts. An experienced desert jeep driver will handle the steering wheel, giving you the chance to enjoy every bit of the ride, in vehicles reinforced with metal skeletons of the highest strength for your protection. The destination is usually an open air dining set up where fellow travelers like you will sit next to one another and enjoy a range of terrific dishes fit for a king, under the sparkly desert stars.

Go on a shopping spree

Dubai is often referred to as the “best shopping destination of the world” and it has truly earned the title. If you are an individual who likes spending plenty of time on shopping for the finest products from the best brands, Dubai is the place you should visit. It is home to the biggest shopping mall of the world, the “Dubai Mall”, and diversity of products offered by them is very high. A tourist who has spent a few months in Dubai,  having done his/her fair share of shopping, will need help when, for instance, moving from Dubai to Canada, with the loads of household items that must be moved. There are several companies who will aid you in these tasks to make your life easier.

Dubai public parks

Dubai is perceived by most travelers as a modernized, luxury city and they don’t anticipate anything but that when they visit the place. Surprisingly, the city holds several lush green parks, where tourists from all around the world stop by to catch a breath of fresh air in a land watched over by the desert sun. These green parks will bring back the memory of New York’s Central Park to anyone moving from US to Dubai.

The sight of people from multiple nationalities enjoying the fresh air, playing football, or having a family picnic will be refreshing to see especially amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

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