Monthly Archive: June 2016

Add Comfort And Style To Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is steadily becoming more and more cluttered and less comfortable by extension, this gives you an opportunity to reconsider its current state and perhaps transform it. You can ensure comfort and style with a dash of minimalism for your bedroom, especially if you wish to make it space of relaxation that balances aesthetics with functionality. Diagnose and identify the areas that are currently unsatisfactory, and visualize how you would ultimately prefer your bedroom to look like. This will let you decide whether you want to go for a more spacious bedroom with plenty of natural lighting and open floor space, or whether you want to aim for a cozier ambience. Once you figure out the layout for the room, you have the opportunity to include elements that will give it a more comfortable as well as stylish appearance.

Add functional design elements

For considerations of comfort, you have the option of installing ceiling fans in Singapore in your bedroom to function as an efficient means of providing a cool breeze during the hot summer months.

When considering the inclusion of ceiling fans, you have the opportunity to consider style as well as color, since they come in a large and diverse range of models. Ultimately, the type of fan that you install will depend on the theme and tone of the bedroom; in order to make it a complementary accessory to the room, you can either make it blend in, or draw attention as a centerpiece. In addition to this, you can consider energy saving lighting options in the form of LED lighting fixtures; the unlimited stylistic variety available ensures that you can install anything from a chandelier to an unobtrusive panel light. The added advantage is that you get a steady, energy efficient glow that will last up to many years. LED lighting can also serve as aesthetic enhancers for your bedroom, by functioning as accent lights for shelves as well as the interiors of wardrobes.

Reinforce your bed

As the actual centerpiece of the room, the bed can combine both style and function with customized additions. For a sleek and sophisticated looking bed, you have the option of customizing it with a padded and upholstered bedhead that can either make the bed blend in with the rest of the furniture, or make it stand out more with a bold design or pop of color. It can also be adorned with valences to ensure that there are no exposed corners, thus ensconcing the entire piece in a fabric of your preference. Alternatively, you can opt for a more minimalistic approach with a platform bed with muted colors. Substitute the back of a storage cabinet for a headboard in order to save space.